While its not a "side hustle", Ive been making electronic dance music for 25 years, and making music, especially pop songs, the design thinking process definitely comes in

You make a demo (prototype)

You test it (show it to friends or other musicians)

You get feedback

You go back and tweak your demo

I know many people have a song they have in mind that they were influenced by or want to compare it to, its called a reference track, so you definitely do competitive analysis , see what other tracks that are somewhat similar to yours and what they sound like, especially if you are trying out a very specific genre like Jamaican dub music

Great advice, I had a fear that the market was going to get over saturated with all these articles about "Ui/UX is the next big thing!" especially during the pandemic, people like me who wanted a career change after being laid off and doing a bootcamp

How does one get that magic 3-5 years experience if no one is willing to give you that 0-3 years?

Ah this reminds me very much of C-Street bar in Champaign Urbana Illinois, where I went to school at U of Illinois. It had the largest gay bar in all of central Illinois, a Mecca in a soybean field, where everyone from all the other smaller towns like Danville, Springfield, Blommington-Normal,and Decatur, it had the biggest sound system in Central Illinois, it was two levels, actually bigger than any bar Ive been in Chicago, and the entry age was 19, and the drinking age 21, but everyone knew someone older to get them a drink and fake IDs were rampant…

Jim, I would love to share my work, I have written several LGBT stories if you look at my profile, one on racism in the LGBT community and one on body image and the LGBT community, I am on LinkedIn, maybe we con connect on there. Let me know!

Wow, you just went full mask off. Just buy a MAGA hat and get it over with. Not that Chinese people are not notoriously racist themselves, blaming African immigrants for spreading COVID-19 in China, Where In Guangzhou they banned black people from entering the McDonald's


Oh, and then there was that LOVELY washing detergent ad where the Chinese woman shoves the black man rather violently into the washing machine and he comes out white as the pure driven snow


But you know what, I know this is an exception, especially with Asian Americans and not the rule. I…

Thank you for articulating what I was feeling so well and seething with rage about. This man clearly has a problem with black people and well thats his issue to deal with

After George Floyd was murdered in the late Spring of 2020, I took to Medium to start writing my experiences about being black in mostly white spaces like the conservative Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn, Illinois in the 80s and 90s.

What I have rarely talked about is my experience of growing up gay in the late 80s to the mid 90s in that conservative environment.

I got way more harassment for being gay than I ever did for being black, but the two overlap. I didn’t even really know what “gay” was, it seems like everyone figured out that…

Fredrick Royster

Lapsed Web Designer, Aspiring UI/UX Professional, and Electronic Dance Music Aficionado from Chicagoland

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