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  • Trina Moore Pervall

    Trina Moore Pervall

    UX Researcher & Designer advocating for social equity in digital design and technology through inclusive design. I also post at uxforthewin.com.

  • Milkinside


    This is the official account of the Milkinside Medium Publication.

  • Jeff Barton

    Jeff Barton

    Dad, runner, author, a bunch of other labels. I write (not create content) about life, mental health, and running. Starting life over, one day at a time.

  • Linzi Berry

    Linzi Berry

    Design Systems Manager at Lyft

  • Eric Chung

    Eric Chung

    UX Designer @ IBM. Writing about topics in design, business and personal finance from the perspective of a recent graduate.

  • Guy Ligertwood

    Guy Ligertwood

    Product Designer. Scotsman with an English accent, married to an Argentinian, living in Australia.

  • Beginner UX

    Beginner UX

    Just a simple beginner with degree in Philosophy and in love with UX Design.

  • Lisa Angela

    Lisa Angela

    Design evangelist for better process and education. Hard-core Trekkie. Science and public health nerd.

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